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The Fidelis Private Fund, LP (FPF), a California Limited Partnership, is a direct portfolio lender specializing in commercial and residential investment real estate loans in California. FPF offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a pool of real estate-secured loans generating a competitive rate of return with moderate risk and reasonable liquidity.

Growing Value with Purpose

The General Partner of FPF is Fidelis Private Fund, Inc. comprised of four shareholders: John Lloyd, Chad Ruyle, Jon Maddux, and Sam Attisha. 

The Fidelis Private Fund’s leadership offers extensive experience in real estate lending, combining rigorous discipline with dynamic and seasoned execution. This offers tremendous value to investors and borrowers in our ability to recognize true opportunity and structure deals that grow value for the fund and benefit both the investors and the borrowers

FPF offers superior performance with deep knowledge and awareness of market dynamics, wide-ranging experience to offer custom financing solutions, and disciplines for managing capital and lending processes.

With the fund’s connection to the principals of FundLoans, FPF also leverages a wide-ranging and growing experience in working with brokers nationwide, new financial technologies, and access to emerging marketplaces for lending opportunities.

We provide a quick, convenient source of bridge financing on commercial and residential investment real estate. Our aim is to support those focuses by empowering initiative with sound guidance, timely and expert lending, excellent service, and commitment to long term relationship.

Our Core Values

Fidelis means “faithfulness” or “loyalty.” It represents the core value of the fund. Our guiding commitment is faithfulness to the purpose of the fund and by that to its investors, its borrowers, and its employees.

Fidelis Value For Investors

The investors are accredited Limited Partners in FPF. Our purpose is first to provide a trustworthy investment vehicle for those seeking reliable fixed income from real estate financing secured by a diverse set of real estate investment loans, mainly in first trust deeds on a variety of property types.

Fidelis Value For Borrowers

We recognize the capital of our investors often represents a lifetime of work, a critical legacy. Our goal is to help them to achieve their financial goals and fulfill their commitments to others.

Our borrowers have a vision for the future, an opportunity in the present, and an underlying commitment to a purpose for themselves and others they are connected with. We are here to help accomplish our borrowers’ financial goals.