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Focusing on and building strong abiding relationships is the key to personal and professional success. In this section we offer articles, resources and wisdom that that can help with personal and professional development as well as health and fitness.

Are we Goal-Oriented or Growth-Oriented?

There is no such thing as a “risk-free” real estate investment. With any return, there is risk.

Successful real estate investors typically know and understand two essential things:

The financial objective or why they are investing in real estate, .i.e., is it for future cash flow, preserve equity, generate growth, etc.
The risks associated with achieving their objective and how best to mitigate those risks.

What’s it Take to Achieve Something of Value?

There is a common character trait I see in successful people that achieve something of value: the willingness to step out and take a risk.

How do we Perform at an Elite Level?

In real life, we don’t get trophies for merely participating. There are winners and losers, and we all desire to be the winners. However, there are several things we need to do to get there.

Going from being average to good to great is impressive, but performing at an elite level is where most of us would like to be in our personal lives and business.

How are we Wasting Time?

Jim Rohn said, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Making better use of our time also generates freedom and less stress in our lives.

There are many ways through better time management we can improve our efficiency and be more productive. However, today I chose one area I see every day where time can be saved, and that is through the way we choose to communicate.

Traits I see in Successful Real Estate Brokers

I have been in real estate financing business for over 30 years. I consistently work with real estate brokers to finance the investment property transactions that come my way.
It’s incredibly important how a broker conducts business and treats people. The right real estate broker can make the difference between getting the deal done or not.

Why is it Refreshing to Know our Options are Limited?

With access to the internet and the overwhelming amount of information that we have instant access to gives us the illusion that more options are good. It’s like drinking water from a firehose.

We are told our options are limitless. We can do anything if we merely put our mind to it. This is not necessarily true. The more we believe this, the more stressed-out and unhappy our lives become.

A Simple Formula to Determine When is the Best Time to Refinance

At what point do you decide to refinance a loan based on the interest rate? A question most of us have been asking, given the low-interest-rate environment we have been in for a while.

Making the right decision to refinance can save you money, but if not done at the appreciate time and for the right reason, it could end up costing you more money than you would save.​​

A few basic rules of thumb to follow:

How to Choose the Right Employee or Business Partner?

Choosing the right employee or business partner can make an enormous impact on whether you prosper or flounder as a business owner.

Often when employers look to hire someone, or when entrepreneurs want to find a business partner, in their search, they often miss certain character traits in a person that can make the difference between mediocre or excellent.

How can you Quickly Determine Your Capacity for Success?

A simple summation of a “recipe for success” is the combination of a unique skill that is needed, where there is a passion to excel, and the timing is right.

However, there is a missing ingredient in this recipe.

It is our stress level capacity and ability to adapt that will be the ceiling of our ultimate success.

Our stress limit will determine the ceiling to our success and fulfillment, regardless of our attributes and circumstances.

What is the Key to Success? Cultivating Relationships

The video testimonial in this blog is a great example of a relationship cultivated over time with mutual trust, a key for long-term success.
Cultivating existing relationships is often the most effective way to grow a successful business.