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John Lloyd, President & CEO

John Lloyd’s Story and Purpose

Why Did We Develop This Blog?

I love helping people achieve their financial goals, making deals happen, and seeing projects realized.

I’ve discovered the key to success is truly caring about the achievements of others. My focus is to see people succeed and it guides my life and everyday decisions.

As co-founder, CEO, and President of Fidelis Private Fund, it was very important to me that we built this company on the principles of relationship, integrity, win/win. I have been in commercial real estate financing for over 30 years. My personal goal and the vision of this company is to help others achieve their financial goals. I also aim to be a mentor to others in this industry and to  help as many as possible grow personally and professionally.

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John & Shawna Lloyd

My career in real estate financing spans over three decades. What I’ve learned is it’s all about relationships and a heart of service.

It’s all about relationships and having a heart of service. I’ve learned a heart of service is the intuitive motivation and intention to value someone more than myself. It also creates enthusiasm and inspiration for me to go above and beyond what I would normally do when I am only looking out for myself.

Through my challenges and failures over the last 30 years, I want to share with others what I have learned both financially, professionally and personally.

I am blessed to have an incredible wife and three grown children all pursuing their own calling in life.

I know how to persevere and push beyond what I thought I could do. As an ultramarathon trail runner, running a 100-mile run took an incredible amount of self-discipline, mental focus, and physical endurance.

I utilize the same mental toughness and mindset it took to finish numerous ultramarathons, to inspire people to achieve their financial goals, and encourage them to achieve their potential.

Money Matters and People Count

When I began training to run trail ultramarathons, I recognized an opportunity to accomplish something phenomenal, though the challenge of it seemed overwhelming. I didn’t begin by running 100 miles. I began by running shorter distances and embracing the disciplines that gradually increased my capacity to run long runs and eventually achieve what seemed impossible.

In my training before every ultramarathon, I would visually imagine navigating every turn of the trail and envision successfully finishing the race. This type of premeditated mental focus and visualizing success was essential for me in finish every ultramarathon I entered. The challenges we face today in business and life require this same mindset and daily discipline to succeed.

Where do you want to go? To what do you aspire?

Whatever your age or current position in life there are opportunities. We developed this blog and the related resources to help you identify and embrace opportunities as well as to face and overcome challenges. What I’m offering is the truths and wisdom that have helped me accomplish many of my goals. As a company we are here to help you. As an individual I am here to help you as well.

I help real estate investors and brokers achieve their financial goals. My passion is to help people maximize their potential to be better leaders and people of influence so that they can live more abundant and fulfilling lives.

I have over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate financing. I know the importance of relationships as it relates to arranging the best commercial real estate loan available. I also know there is more to life than financial success. Living life with purpose, freedom and good health allows us to maximize the enjoyment of what we have achieved.

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