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Relationship Building Event – November / 2023

On November 10, 2023, Fidelis Private Fund celebrated its 5th Annual Building Relationships Event at the Pyramid Design Center in San Diego. We were joined by numerous borrower, brokers and friends as we connected in a relaxed setting in this very unique space. The event was co-hosted by Moe’s Coffee which has a location at the center. The event was addressed by several including President and CEO, John Lloyd who again highlighted the foundation of the Fidelis business model which is relationship.

Relationship Building Event – November / 2022

On November 3, 2022, Fidelis Private Fund celebrated an enjoyable get-together with our borrowers and brokers at our new office location. We were glad to show off our new space and enjoy a fun evening of camaraderie, delicious Mexican food, drinks and some featured speakers. John Lloyd shared some updates about Fidelis Private Fund and the outlook for 2023. Michael Hansen, former planning director of the City of San Diego, shared an informative presentation on the past, present, and future of the housing market in San Diego County.

Relationship Building Event – November / 2021

On November 4, 2021, Fidelis Private Fund celebrated another successful get-together with our borrowers and brokers. The purpose of this event was to create a place where we could connect and share ideas, strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones. We don’t succeed on our own. It’s these relationships we develop and cultivate over the years that helps determine our success. There was time at the event for those who wanted to share insights about the market, investment opportunities, and other real estate-related issues where we all could benefit.

Relationship Building Event – October / 2020

In October 2020 Fidelis Private Fund hosted another happy hour event for our clients, brokers, and other friends. As a social event during the challenging year of 2020 and the pandemic, the time was a welcome opportunity to be with others and reconnect.

Relationship Building Event – December / 2019

In December 2019 Fidelis Private Fund hosted a happy hour event for our clients, brokers, and other friends. John Lloyd took the opportunity to brief everyone about Fidelis Private Fund and the direction of the company and its programs in 2020 and beyond.