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The Fidelis Private Fund Blog is established to support success for all those we have relationship with. In this section you will find many articles on various topics organized under two major topics: 1) commercial real estate financing; and 2) professional and personal success / health and fitness.

The original articles in this blog were originally developed and published independently by John Lloyd, Co-founder and President and CEO. Fidelis Private Fund is now John’s primary vehicle for both doing business and helping others professionally and personally. In addition to serving clients for financing and investing, John also seeks to build relationships and help others succeed. To learn more about John Lloyd’s story and background on this blog, click here.

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Commercial Real Estate

Our goal with this section is to help others progress and develop professionally in the area of commercial real estate financing and to discover useful keys in working with Fidelis Private Fund.
Leadership | Time Management | Developing Healthy Habits | Relationships | Accountability | Motivation | Self-awareness

Personal and Professional Growth

Focusing on and building strong abiding relationships is the key to personal and professional success. In this section there are articles, resources and wisdom to help for life success as well as personal health and fitness.