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We are Fidelis Private Fund

The Fidelis Private Fund, LP (FPF), a California Limited Partnership, is a direct portfolio lender specializing in commercial and residential investment real estate loans in California. FPF offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a pool of real estate-secured loans generating a competitive rate of return with moderate risk and reasonable liquidity.

Decisive, Rapid, Flexible Lending Solutions

Fidelis Private Fund offers borrowers a flexible alternative to conventional lending institutions. We specialize in fast and creative financing to transition properties and add value, so the borrower at the end of the loan term is in a position to either sell or refinance with a conventional lender.

Decisive Lending

When you need to know...

As a private lender, Fidelis Private Fund offers a highly streamlined review process. Based on the initial information, we can rapidly assess, make a decision, and offer lending solutions.

Rapid Lending

When time is of the essence...

Fidelis Private Fund offers superior speed of execution. It starts with a phone call or online inquiry. We can typically quickly assess the request, gather the needed information and then execute on the loan speedily, sometimes in days as needed.

Flexible Lending

When you need to get it done...

The principals of Fidelis Private Fund have decades of experience in structuring flexible financing that solves the unique challenges of borrower situations. We are creative and we perform!

One-Stop Lending

Short-term & long-term financing...

Fidelis Private Fund directly lends and also arranges both short-term and long-term financing through our vast network of investors. Whatever your need is, we can get it done.

Closed Loans

Discover some recently funded loans either funded or arranged by Fidelis Private Fund.

$270,000 Purchase / Bridge Loan

The timing was right for our borrower when they found an off-market opportunity to purchase an affordable single-family fixer-upper investment property below market value. The seller needed to sell quickly.

$1,550,000 Purchase / Bridge Loan

The borrower needed a quick bridge loan to purchase an industrial warehouse/office building that would be owner-occupied. Their SBA loan with the Bank was approved but could not fund in time to meet the seller’s deadline to purchase the property.

$245,000 Purchase / Bridge Loan

A repeat client negotiated a below-market price to purchase a single-family investment property that needed to close within a week. The borrower planned to remodel the house for resale.

$400,000 Purchase / Bridge Loan

An existing Fidelis borrower and Fidelis investor, experienced business owner, and real estate investor purchased an owner-occupied commercial property in Riverside, CA. He needed a quick bridge loan to buy a property that will be refinanced with conventional financing. 

$150,000 Refinance Cash-Out / Bridge Loan

A previous client owned a single-family residential investment home free and clear, recently remodeled and ready for sale, and needed $150,000 cash out to pay off another investment debt. 

The conservative market value of the property was $890,000 or a 17% LTV ratio. The property was in an excellent San Diego residential neighborhood with great views.

$500,000 Purchase / Bridge Loan

A prior client, experienced business owner, and real estate investor teamed with a partner. They needed a quick bridge loan to purchase a commercial property/owner-occupied in a matter of days.

The purchase price was $700,000 or 71% loan to cost. An appraisal supported the value after the remodel of $860,000 or 58% LTV. The borrower was pre-approved for an SBA loan, but the SBA loan could not close in time for the borrower to purchase the property.


Testimonials from clients who have worked with Fidelis Private Fund and John Lloyd, CEO
William Lewallen

"I have worked with John Lloyd for 15 years, and he has funded 30 to 40 loans for me. It's amazing how he has been able to help me close deals. Recently on a deal, I had to close in 10 days with no contingencies, and Fidelis was able to close the deal. I highly recommend Fidelis and John Lloyd. I can’t imagine how much money I have made through the years dealing with John. The process is so streamlined, and especially once you get to know John and we trust each other, everything goes so smooth. I am grateful.”

William LewallenSouth Coast Real Estate Group
Voltaire Lepe

"I first met Allan Paranada and John Lloyd several years ago when I was buying a commercial building. With their help, I was able to finance it, and I made a lot of money. They were straight forward and very fast and got the job done. I snowballed that deal into other properties. I have also referred them to other clients who also had similar experiences as mine. I would highly recommend Fidelis to anyone who is purchasing real estate and needs financing. I trust them, and they did a really good job for me."

Voltaire LepeLepe Tendwell Properties
Brian Nelson

"I can't speak highly enough of John Lloyd. This recent property was completely distressed. We came in all cash and closed the escrow in less than 14 days. It was a burnt down unit. We built the foundation and roof, all brand new. The foundation was sinking, had settling issues, and fire in the middle. The roof was missing, windows were boarded up. We went after it. We did everything. John helped out. We've done a number of loans together the past ten or eleven years. He came in clean, great terms,  quick close, no issues, which I knew it would be and why I didn't call anyone else. He came in quick, walked the property, quick decision to go for it, and gave the green light. We funded less than two weeks later within the contract terms. I work with John for a couple of reasons. First, and primarily I need assurance of closing. When I come in and walk the property I need to act as if I'm closing this thing with all cash, no hiccups, no worries. I've worked with John and we've done about 8 to 10 loans together. Never had an issue. Every one has closed. He's always on time. Great team, great staff and they communicate well."

Brian NelsonDeveloper, South Coast Commercial
Ashley Rhame

Working with Fidelis has been absolutely incredible. One of my favorite things about the entire process is how easy they make everything. My biggest differentiator about Fidelis is the personal aspect they offer, it's no hassle, they are consistently available, communication is simple and straightforward. Their ability to turn things around so quickly is phenomenal. I will not be using any other lender if I don’t have to. I would recommend Fidelis to all borrowers, friends, colleagues or anyone needing private money financing because it's seamless; if they tell you it’s a go it’s a go, You can count on their timeline and their word; they are incredibly trustworthy.

Ashley RhameReal Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
Nicholas Inzunza<br>Inner City Redevelopment

I am the owner of Inner City Redevelopment. I have been investing in properties for 25 years. I am a former public official, investment banker, and now I invest in real property. I got to know John many years ago, making investments in Barrio Logan and National City. Its been 15 years now John and I built a personal relationship where he walks my properties, talk to my people, and I have the faith and confidence that I need in a banker. Being able to work with John and Allan at Fidelis has made all the difference; they know how to get deals done.

Nicholas InzunzaReal Estate Investor/Developer
Rick Moore<br>Moorehoward Investments, LLC

I have been doing this for over 35 years. We have about 150 properties in our portfolio.  I can tell you over the years I’ve dealt with many different types of lenders, and Fidelis by far has been the best. Their fast, easy, and they do what they say they are going to do, which makes our job go extremely well.

Rick MooreReal Estate Investor/Contractor
Keith Anderson

My relationship spans almost 30 years since I met John Lloyd at San Diego Trust & Savings Bank. I have known John to be a person of integrity and a resource of knowledge when it comes to real estate financing and funding loans. I have not only been a borrower of private money through John, but I am an investor in Fidelis and believe that John’s experience managing a mortgage fund provides me the security I need in these challenging times of uncertainty and volatility.

Keith AndersonAnderson Investment Company, Inc.
Chris Hakim<br>Broker

As a real estate broker, I am always looking for a lender who not only can perform but will always protect my interest. John Lloyd at Fidelis does a fantastic job getting the real estate loans funded I need and making it easy with no hassle. What's different about John from other primate money lenders, John values relationship over the transaction and is in it for the long-term. If you are a broker and want a lender you can trust call John at Fidelis.

Chris HakimBroker, Symbolic Real Estate, Inc.
Steven D. Sefton<br>President

I first met John Lloyd in 2011, where he was President of a successful commercial mortgage company in San Diego, similar to Fidelis. I was impressed by how John managed his mortgage company Fund through the Last great recession with no losses to investor capital and How John grew the Fund five-fold during his tenure there.  John has since linked with two strong Partners and picked up where he left off forming Fidelis Private Fund. Since I am familiar with what John can do as Fidelis’ leader, I would invest in Fidelis if I were allowed. As his banker, I cannot. Because we made the decision to do business with John and Fidelis, Endeavor Bank is betting that Fidelis will be successful.

Steven D. SeftonPresident, Endeavor Bank
Rammy Cortez<br>Developer

We turned to John Lloyd with Fidelis to help us with take-out financing for a 13-unit apartment complex project. Within 30 days of contacting John he had options of 15 different lenders for us to choose from. The three key items that we requested from John were a low interest rate, long term financing, and the most cash out as possible. John was able to deliver. He got us a ten year fixed loan under 4% and more money cash out than we requested. John also got us three years interest only, so we have more cash flow in the first few years of managing the property. Thank you John and Fidelis...and on to the next one!

Rammy CortezDeveloper
Larry A. Johnson,<br>Glacier Real Estate Finance

I am sending this note to let you know that I am very pleased to be an investor in Fidelis.  This is an investment that fits well with my retirement goals. It provides an excellent return at 8%, it provides me with a conservative investment (being secured by a pool of first mortgages with good LTV ratios), and a steady cash flow. I feel comfortable with the investment secured by San Diego area real estate and having known and worked with John for over 25 years, I have confidence in his underwriting and judgment. While it is a long term investment, I also have the flexibility to withdraw funds, should the need arise. I hope to increase my investment in Fidelis over time and I look forward to a long term relationship.

Larry JohnsonGlacier Real Estate Finance
Mario J. Teran

As a real estate investor for over 30+ years, I have been pitched many “opportunities to invest” by brokers, agents, etc. I do not swing at most of them, in fact, very few make the cut. What drew me to Fidelis is the transparency of their operations and the clarity of purpose on which the funds are invested. I have known John for over 10 years and can definitely attest to his integrity as a very knowledgeable asset manager and above all, as an individual. The fact that the funds are invested in the San Diego Real estate market, with timely paid dividends that are allowed to compound, AND secured by Trust Deeds compelled me to invest. I sleep well knowing that a real estate veteran is handling my investment. Thank you John.

Mario J. TeranReal Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
Duane Drake

I have known John for over 25 years. He is a man of integrity so you can always trust what he says. We were both working in the banking industry when we met and I have closely followed his professional career. Over the years, John has developed a very unique set of loan underwriting skills. He knows how to make a profitable loan without taking too much risk. Since I have been an investor in his loan funds for a number of years, I have been amazed at the consistently high rates of return to his investors even in recessionary times. I highly recommend considering an investment in the Fidelis Fund.

Duane DrakeFormer CFO San Diego Trust & Savings Bank (ret.)
Michael Clark

Today, as the stock market tumbles faster than the log ride at Disneyland, I pause to think about Fidelis and our relationship.

The steady positive return paid by Fidelis to its investors on a regular basis is very comforting and beneficial for my investment portfolio. The Fund’s approximate 8% annual return when reinvested to compound will double the principal in approximately 9 years. What a great option for the careful investor . . . especially when coupled with sound retirement planning.

Your conservative approach to lending as the Fund Manager is what we have been looking for over the years. Most of your loans are placed with San Diego based borrowers and we all know what has happened to San Diego real estate over the years. The variety of loans provides diversification while the location and loan to value ratios provide additional security.

Your decades of experience in this business in the San Diego area serve you, Fidelis and its investors well.

Keep up the good work, John.

Michael ClarkClark Family Enterprises, LLC
Adam Jacks, <br>Apartment Consultants, Inc.

I've closed several deals with John Lloyd, and each time he has performed quickly and as promised. Having a lending relationship I can trust will perform has been a tremendous help to my business. I would and have recommended John Lloyd and Fidelis for anyone seeking private financing.

Adam JacksApartment Consultants, Inc.
Pat Geary, <br>GEG Advisors

John Lloyd is one of the rare lenders who truly 'gets it,' where his knowledge and experience allow him to intelligently underwrite a property I have financed multiple properties with John that required an extremely tight timeline. Each time John has come through on time and with the terms he had promised.

Pat GearyGEG Advisors
Anthony Dileva, <br> Commercial Real Estate Broker

The loan was made to finish up a multimillion dollar home in point Loma. Literally two weeks after funding the home in Point Loma went under contract for 2,950,000 with a 90 day closing. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with people who can think outside the box.

Anthony DilevaCommercial Real Estate Broker

Leadership Team

The Fidelis Private Fund's leadership offers extensive experience in real estate lending, combining rigorous discipline with dynamic and seasoned execution. This offers tremendous value to investors and borrowers in our ability to recognize true opportunity and structure deals that grow value for the fund and benefit both the investors and the borrowers
John P. Lloyd
John P. Lloyd
President & CEO, Co-Founder
The Fidelis Private Fund is led by John P. Lloyd. For over 30 years John Lloyd has pursued his passion and life’s work in commercial real estate financing.
Chad Ruyle
Chad Ruyle
Chad R. Ruyle is the President and Co-Founder of FundLoans and Drop Mortgage, Inc. He works with both overall operations and capital markets for the business.
Jon Maddux
Jon Maddux
Jon Maddux is CEO and co-founder of Drop Mortgage, Inc. and FundLoans. Drop Mortgage is a mortgage lender with the focus on residential jumbo niche loan programs.

Fidelis Private Fund Blog

The Fidelis Private Fund Blog offers articles and resources for commercial real estate financing as well as professional and personal success.

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Our Decisions are a Series of Opportunity Costs

We believe relationships are more important than transactions. Most of our loans are to repeat clients and borrowers we have known for years.

What makes Fidelis different from other private lenders is how well we treat our clients and carry on our everyday business activities with a sense of urgency and empathy. We believe that by living with integrity, our reputation will take care of itself.

What Differentiates Fidelis From Other Private Lenders?

We believe relationships are more important than transactions. Most of our loans are to repeat clients and borrowers we have known for years.

What makes Fidelis different from other private lenders is how well we treat our clients and carry on our everyday business activities with a sense of urgency and empathy. We believe that by living with integrity, our reputation will take care of itself.

How Can We Reduce Stress?

There is a lot of stress in our everyday life. The demands of a job and family can often be overwhelming. The economic uncertainty and the political division we live in today adds to the stress.​​

This may sound relatively simple, but a factor in reducing stress is to embrace humility.

Short Video of the Blog

Often the simplest things in life can be the best. Warren Buffet said, “Simplicity is the way to long-term success.”

Humility comes in various forms. When we incorporate humility in how we interact with people and approach life, it can be life-changing.