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The General Partner of Fidelis Private Fund is comprised of four shareholders including John P. Lloyd, President & CEO, Co-Founder (third from left); Chad Ruyle, Co-Founder (second from left); Jon Maddux, Co-Founder (left); and Sam Attisha, Principal (right).

John P. Lloyd, President & CEO, Co-Founder

For over 30 years, John Lloyd has pursued his passion and life’s work helping people in commercial real estate financing and investing.

His experience includes commercial real estate lending at two commercial banks, serving as CFO for a Nevada-based commercial real estate developer, and as the President of two California-based private mortgage funds.

Prior to Fidelis, John was President of a San Diego-based private commercial real estate mortgage fund for 12 years. He managed the growth of the fund through the great recession and grew the fund over 400% with no investor capital losses and managed a loan portfolio of over $190 million with investors earning an annual yield in the 7-8% range over his entire tenure there. Also, as a mortgage broker, John has originated more than a billion dollars’ worth of commercial real estate loans over his career.

T: 760-258-4486

Other Co-Founders / Principals

Chad R. Ruyle, Co-Founder

Chad R. Ruyle is the President and Co-Founder of FundLoans and Drop Mortgage, Inc. He works with both overall operations and capital markets for the business. Mr. Ruyle is an attorney by trade and an entrepreneur, having developed an Estate and Business Planning practice and various successful startup ventures. These real estate and finance pursuits, along with his private equity investments, help him understand the opportunities and struggles of business — whether it requires actively managing, advising on a board seat, or investing in a business.

Mr. Ruyle’s expertise has led to features on most major national networks including 60 Minutes on CBS, Nightline on ABC, and NBC’s Today Show with Brian Williams. He has also been quoted or featured in many national and local publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine. An active member of his community, Mr. Ruyle co-founded the non-profit PEERS and volunteers his time with various organizations.

Jon Maddux, Co-Founder

Jon D. Maddux is the CEO / Co-Founder of FundLoans.  Jon has been in the mortgage and finance industries for over 24 years. FundLoans is a wholesale mortgage lender with a focus on niche jumbo programs. FundLoans sets itself apart by taking a holistic approach to underwriting and providing a customer-oriented experience for mortgage brokers with its “make-sense” lending philosophy.

Before the mortgage crisis, Jon was the founder and President of IMS Lending, a mortgage company in Del Mar, CA which focused on jumbo alt-doc loan products.

In December 2007, as the financial crisis began, Jon co-founded and became CEO of helped over 10,000 customers navigate through the hardship of foreclosure and/or a short sale. You Walk Away was featured in news publications and TV news programs such as 60 Minutes, ABC Nightline, CNN, NBC’s The Today Show, Good Morning America, Yahoo Finance, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, Money Magazine, NPR, AP, NBC, CBS, and Fox News, among many others. Many of these publications have used quotes from Maddux about mortgages, short sales, and foreclosure.

Sam Attisha, Principal

Sam Attisha is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and owner and operator of multiple businesses in the San Diego area. Sam has extensive experienced in real estate investing, owning and managing numerous investment properties. Sam has been a limited partner in Fidelis from inception and brings valuable knowledge, expertise, and support as a shareholder of the General Partner