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Brokers are Valued at Fidelis Private Fund

Brokers play an essential role in helping us accomplish our mission of helping people achieve their financial goals.

We protect our broker-client relationships and will never go around or bypass our brokers, whether it’s on one deal or repeat transactions. We believe in long term relationships, and when a broker brings us a client, it’s their client whether we fund the loan directly or co-broker the loan with another lender.

Fidelis Private Fund as a lender functions in two capacities:

  • As a Direct Lender for borrowers and brokers
  • As a Conduit to other Direct Lenders for borrowers and brokers

As a direct lender, we rely on loan requests from borrowers and brokers who trust us to provide them the access to quick, short-term, no-nonsense private money financing.

Where Fidelis is not the best fit for a borrower’s loan request, we function as a conduit and tap the extensive database of lender relationships we have established over the last 25 years. We then match the borrower’s or broker’s client’s loan request with the best lender for that specific request.

When a broker brings us a client, and the best option is to finance the loan with another lender, we will co-broker the loan with the original broker participating and benefiting. All the while we will protect the broker-client relationship in a long-term capacity.

It’s a Win/Win for both client/broker and Fidelis.

Resources and Tools

Here are a few resources and tools to help our borrowers and brokers be better prepared and knowledgeable in expediting their loan request:

Loan Application ResourcesLoan Request Checklists for Different Property TypesUnderwriting ManualOnline Podcasts/Websites and Books

Broker Testimonial

“As a real estate broker, I am always looking for a lender who not only can perform but will always protect my interest. John Lloyd at Fidelis does a fantastic job getting the real estate loans funded I need and making it easy with no hassle. What’s different about John from other primate money lenders, John values relationship over the transaction and is in it for the long-term. If you are a broker and want a lender you can trust call John at Fidelis.“
Chris Hakim
Symbolic Real Estate, Inc.