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Fidelis Private Fund, LP serves accredited investors seeking a fixed income investment in commercial and residential real estate loans. The fund welcomes inquiries from accredited investors, trusts, financial advisors, those seeking to invest with IRAs, and other investment firms.

Fidelis Private Fund offers the value of a fund where the investment is not in any one property. The risk is reduced, and opportunity increased, because of a diverse portfolio of multiple loans and property types. There is no yield guarantee, however, Fidelis Private Fund has achieved an annual yield to investors of over 8% since inception.

Investment Terms

  • Minimum investment of $50,000 and a 1-year commitment with a 10% withdrawal fee before year one.
  • No fees are charged on investor capital for either the initial investment or the withdrawal.

How the Fund Works

  • Fidelis Private Fund, LP is a California Limited Partnership.
  • Investors are Accredited Limited Partners.
  • Majority of the loans are secured by 1st Trust Deeds on commercial and residential investment real estate.
  • Short term loans reduce interest rate risk and hedge against inflation.
  • Quarterly interest income distribution or choose to allow the funds to compound monthly.
  • Liquidity provided upon availability and advanced notice with exceptions to protect the integrity of the Fund.


  • The General Partner is Fidelis Private Fund, Inc. with four shareholders: John Lloyd, Chad Ruyle, Jon Maddux, and Sam Attisha.
  • All four owners of the General Partner of FPF are investors in the Fund.
  • Experienced, seasoned, and proven leadership.
  • The General Partner of the fund is compensated by participating in the net income of the Fund, thereby sharing in the expenses of the Fund.
  • There is an Accountability Committee made up of a select group of investors that serves management in an advisory capacity.

Investment Philosophy

  • A reserve for bad debts will be established and funded monthly to mitigate loan risk.
  • Risk is spread over multiple loans and product types diversifying the loan portfolio.
  • Geographical lending area is primarily California with a focus on San Diego County.

If you are interested in investing in Fidelis Private Fund, please fill out the form below or contact John P. Lloyd – 760-258-4486