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    Security– The majority of all Fidelis loans are first trust deeds. We target income-producing properties. Average LTV on the portfolio is 60%

  • Income Stream – Our loans provide a safe, predictable, fixed income to the investor with distributions made quarterly.
  • Yield – The fund is currently yielding a competitive return of approximately 8%.
  • The minimum investment required – Get started with a little as $50,000 investment as an accredited investor.
  • Diversification – The investment risk and return on investment are spread over multiple loans.
  • Compounding Interest Available – Investors may automatically reinvest interest distributions to take advantage of compound interest. Note: this benefit is not available in other fractional interest investment vehicles.
  • IRA Investment Opportunity – Invest through your IRA or Pension Plan to take advantage of the tax benefits.
  • Remain Fully Invested – Funds are invested immediately using a line of credit for cash management and stay working. Note: this is unlike fractional interest trust deeds where timing and change of investments can require constant investor involvement resulting in lower overall returns.
  • Hedge Against Inflation – Limited interest rate risk since all loans are short term 3 years or less.
  • Liquidity – Investors may, with proper notice, withdraw their investment after one year with no penalty.