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Fidelis Private Fund serves accredited investors seeking a fixed income investment in a portfolio of diversified real estate secured loans generating a reasonable return based on the associated risk. We welcome accredited individual investors, trusts, LLC’s, Corporations, and also those seeking to invest with IRA’s, 401-K plans, and profit-sharing plans.

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The minimum investment is $50,000 and a 1-year commitment with a 10% withdrawal fee before one year. There are no fees charged on invested capital for either the initial investment or the withdrawal. The average capital investment of our current Fidelis investors is approximately $290,000.

As distinctive compared to many funds, the Fidelis Fund manager is accountable to an advisory board that meets quarterly. The board is made up of the owners and key investors acting in an advisory capacity.

Thank you for your interest in Fidelis Private Fund. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing if you qualify as an accredited investor.

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"I have been a real estate investor for 35 years and have known John Lloyd for over 15 years. I was fortunate to be involved with Fidelis Private Fund as its first limited partner at its inception back in 2019. I can attest to John and his team's integrity, professionalism, and expertise in every transaction. Fidelis has consistently delivered exceptional service and results, making them a trusted partner in my real estate ventures. The Fund has been a reliable and transparent partner, consistently delivering on my investment goals with honesty. Their commitment to investors' success is unparalleled. The detailed, second-to-none reports provide invaluable insights into the company’s operations and performance, ensuring I am always well-informed.”

Mario J. TeranReal Estate Investor/Developer

"As an investor in the Fidelis Private Fund, I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism, transparency, and strong performance of the fund and its management team. The quarterly investor reports provide a clear window into the fund's activities, portfolio details, and financial results. The principals have deep expertise in real estate lending and have built a solid track record of generating attractive fixed-income returns for investors while maintaining a disciplined approach to capital preservation. I feel my investment capital is in competent hands with the Fidelis team. Their integrity, communication, and investor-focused mindset give me confidence that my funds are being prudently managed to achieve a competitive return. I highly recommend the Fidelis Private Fund to accredited investors seeking an alternative real estate investment opportunity."

Wenkwei and Christina ChanFidelis Investor
Moe Ebrahimi

"“I am Moe Ebrahimi, a real estate developer, and general contractor in San Diego. We buy dilapidated real estate assets and add more units and space for residential rentals. Fidelis is extremely competent in analyzing the numbers. I really appreciate dealing with professional people it gives you a sense of security, and you feel comfortable talking to them about your projects, and you know you're not going to get judged. I definitely recommend Fidelis. I love Fidelis, John and all his crew.”

Moe EbrahimiDeveloper & General Contractor

An investment in Fidelis Private Fund is not an investment in any one property, its in a diverse portfolio of multiple loans and property types. There is no yield guarantee; however, Fidelis has generated an annualized yield to investors of 8% since inception.

We continue to capitalize on the inefficiencies in the market using our capital to make secure, short term real estate loans while providing an excellent yield with minimal risk.