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Commercial Real Estate Topics

Our goal with this section is to help our clients engage with Fidelis Private Fund effectively, help others develop professionally in the area of work associated with commercial real estate financing, and to aid those seeking to invest in commercial real estate.

Experience Transparent Investing with Fidelis: See the Clear Difference!

In the complex investment world, clarity is not just a courtesy; it’s a cornerstone. At Fidelis Private Fund, we understand that the trust of our investors, both existing and prospective, is paramount. That’s why we stand firmly committed to transparency in every situation, ensuring you’re a well-informed partner in the journey towards mutual success.​ The […]

The Importance of a Long-Term Perspective When It Comes to Investing

Adopting a long-term investment perspective is crucial for prospective investors exploring opportunities in mortgage funds, such as those offered by Fidelis Private Fund. Understanding the value and impact of a long-term view in this specific investment arena can significantly influence the success and satisfaction of your investment journey. Why a Long-Term Perspective Matters in Mortgage […]

Risk Management: The Backbone of Successful Mortgage Funds

TO LISTEN INSTEAD OF READING THIS BLOG, CLICK ON THE ICON BELOW Risk management expertise is vital when investing in real estate, particularly in a mortgage fund where real estate is the security. Choosing the right mortgage fund that effectively balances risk and reward is crucial for investors. What strategies do leading funds like Fidelis […]

The Crucial Role of Experience in Managing a Real Estate Mortgage Fund

TO LISTEN INSTEAD OF READING THIS BLOG, CLICK ON THE ICON BELOW In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate financing, particularly in specialized areas like mortgage funds, the expertise of a seasoned fund manager is invaluable. The Fidelis Private Fund, for instance, stands as a testament to how profound industry experience shapes successful investment outcomes. […]

Strategies for Capital Preservation in a Mortgage Fund

In the domain of mortgage fund management, capital preservation is pivotal. This blog delves into the strategies enabling fund managers to center their efforts on safeguarding investor capital. The Core of Capital Preservation Capital preservation is my guiding principle as a mortgage fund manager at Fidelis. The aim is to protect the principal amount while […]

Why Efficient Operations and Risk Management are so Important When it Comes to Mortgage Funds

TO LISTEN INSTEAD OF READING THIS BLOG, CLICK ON THE ICON BELOW A Blueprint for Maximizing Yield The efficiency of a fund’s operations is directly correlated to its ability to maximize yields. An efficiently managed fund ensures that operational costs are kept at bay, directing a larger portion of investment returns to the investors. But […]

$680,000 Purchase/Perm. Loan

A new client, referred to Fidelis Private Fund by a reputable broker, was looking for long-term, permanent financing with maximum leverage available to purchase a storage yard in Fullerton, California.
This loan was not fit for Fidelis Private Fund. However, from our extensive network of lender relationships, we found a conventional lender that would provide a long-term note and the leverage required by the borrower.

How can Rising Interest Rates be Good for the Real Estate Market?

When we see rising interest rates, some people think of it as a negative, which can be true regarding the financing cost of real estate. This line of thinking concludes that the value of the real estate compared to other investments in the market will decrease as the cost of investing in real estate rises.

However, what is often overlooked in a rising rate environment is that real estate tends to be a hedge against inflation. In most cases, which is the case now, interest rates are rising, with short-term rates being pushed up by the Federal Reserve to slow down the inflation rate. So, yes, investing costs are increasing but offset through higher rents and increased values.

Highlights of The San Diego Multi-Family Housing Market for the 1st Qtr. 2022 & Future Forecast

The San Diego multi-family real estate market remains strong for the 1st quarter of 2022.

See below a summary of the highlights from the CoStar Multi-Family Market Report prepared by Voit Real Estate Services for the first quarter of 2022 and a forecast of what is ahead.

$1,840,000 Purchase/Const.Rehab/Bridge Loan

An experienced real estate investor needed a lender to purchase five detached residential cottages in poor condition and subsequently accommodate the borrower with additional funds to remodel the improvements and construct an additional ADU for a total of six units.