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John P. Lloyd

John P. Lloyd

President & CEO, Co-Founder

The Fidelis Private Fund is the next step of the journey for its president, John P. Lloyd. For over 30 years John Lloyd has pursued his passion and life’s work in commercial real estate financing.

His experience includes institutional commercial real estate lending at two commercial banks, served as CFO for a Nevada-based commercial real estate developer and in private mortgage lending as president of a California-based hard money lender.

Most recently for 12 years, John was president of a San Diego-based private commercial real estate mortgage fund. He managed the growth of the fund through the recession and grew the fund over 400% with no investor capital losses, and managed a loan portfolio of over $190 million with investors earning an annual yield in the 7-8% range over his tenure there. Also, as a mortgage broker, John has originated more than a billion dollars worth of commercial real estate loans over his career.

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