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Why is Vision so Important?

We all need a vision to give us purpose in all areas of life, such as our career, business, relationships, and health.

I am John Lloyd, President, CEO, and Co-founder of Fidelis Private Fund.

A vision helps provide “The why” behind the direction we are headed.

Five reasons why a vision and writing it down is so essential?

  1. Vision gives us the energy to move forward – Having clarity in where we are going motivates us to take action.
  2. Vision eliminates excuses – When others know our vision, it helps us stay more accountable.
  3. Vision regulates who and what we entertain – Vision gives us guidance as to who we will spend time with and what we do.
  4. Vision illuminates exits – Where there is a vision, there is clarity as to what our options are, what things to say yes to, and the things that we can pass on.
  5. Vision produces endurance – Vision gives us a goal, and when we see our vision accomplished, it provides us with stamina and endurance to see it through.

The vision for my business, Fidelis Private Fund, is to help borrowers, investors, and our Fidelis team achieve their personal and financial goals and be the most reputable private real estate lender and mortgage fund in San Diego.

A vision doesn’t spell out how to get there or what we must do to achieve the vision; specific goals and actions steps will be needed and followed over time to realize the vision.

A vision merely clarifies the destination and what you want to accomplish.

A vision is an “imagination” if not written down. However, a vision written down and reviewed frequently can keep us focused and give us the best chance of seeing it fulfilled.

Let’s not go through life reacting to whatever comes our way. But rather have a vision for all areas in our life and write them down.

Where there is no vision, we stumble through life aimlessly without the fulfillment of accomplishing something of significance.

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