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Having a Coach or Mentor can Make all the Difference

A coach or mentor can help release us from what holds us back from our potential.

I am John Lloyd, President & CEO of Fidelis Private Fund.

A coach can help us reach our potential, gain knowledge, shed light on our blind spots, and be that sounding board of logic we often need when we can’t see the forest through the trees.

A coach can hold us accountable, keep us focused, provide honest feedback, reduce our tendency to procrastinate and keep us on task to accomplish what we need to do.

My experience of having a mentor or coach and a group of peers to share ideas, express frustrations, and help problem-solve has made a world of difference in my professional and personal life.

We aren’t meant to go through life trying to figure everything out on our own. But, if we humble ourselves enough to be accountable to a coach/mentor, or group of collective liked-minded individuals with our best interest in mind, we can live life with more purpose and be happier along the way.

I encourage you to find a trusted friend or group to help you succeed in all areas of life.

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