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How Does Private Money Help Solve a Real Estate Borrowers Problems?

Fidelis Private Fund is a direct private lender. We fund secured, short-term loans ($100,000 to $2,000,000) with a viable exit strategy on commercial and residential investment properties (mainly in Southern California with an emphasis in San Diego County). We also broker loans that are not a fit for Fidelis.

Here are three common problems where private lender like Fidelis can help a borrower:

Where Timing is Needed

Where Added Value is Required

Where Ease of Doing Business is Desired

  • Timing – Where a loan needs to close fast. We can fund a loan in a matter of days. Often, borrowers don’t have weeks and months to wait to acquire or refinance a property.
  • Added Value – Often, properties are purchased or refinanced where the property is in transition, and there is a considerable amount of either inherent or future value that needs to be added to the property that conventional lenders don’t recognize or will accommodate.
  • Ease of Doing Business – a borrower comes to Fidelis to avoid the cumbersome underwriting and extensive documentation requirements of conventional lenders that often prohibit them from accomplishing their goal for the property or qualifying for the loan.

Here is an example of how we helped a borrower add value to his property:

A local San Diego client owned a residential lot free and clear in an upscale, residential neighborhood in Pasadena, CA. They received the opportunity to own an older single-family residence for free if they can move it off its foundation and onto their nearby residential lot they own.

The borrower needed a lender to provide a loan to cover the costs of moving the house and remodeling it after relocation. The lot value alone was $650,000, and once the home was moved and renovated, the property would be valued at over $2,000,000.

Fidelis Private Fund provided the borrower a $600,000 1st Trust Deed refinance/rehab loan with a 30% LTV ratio.

They had a viable exit strategy to sell or refinance with a conventional loan as an investment property.

We helped the borrower capitalize on a great investment opportunity and add value to his property. At the same time, we made it a smooth and hassle-free loan process.

If you are a borrower who needs a loan quickly, or your request is outside the box of a conventional lender, or you need a bridge loan but want it with no hassle, please call me at 702-379-3468.

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