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Enhancing Returns Through Targeted Diversification

As an investor, diversification is key to managing risk and maximizing returns over the long term. This is especially true when investing in a mortgage fund like Fidelis Private Fund. With an understanding of the market, the Fidelis team strategically builds a diversified portfolio. The fund invests in various property types, including commercial, multi-family, residential […]

$550,000 1st DOT Purchase/Bridge Loan

A repeat client and experienced real estate investor wanted to tap into his existing real estate equity to purchase a single family residential investment property in Chula Vista, CA as a fix and flip with almost no cash down. The borrower owned other investment properties with substantial equity and allowed the properties to be cross-collateralized in lieu of a cash down payment. The borrower will come out of pocket to make the improvements to the property.

$1,900,000 1st DOT Purchase/Const. Loan

A referred client was seeking a reliable construction lender to fund the construction of five accessory dwelling units (ADU) in three detached buildings on a property in San Diego, CA. The project also incorporates a newly remodeled single-family residence, bringing the total to six multi-family units upon completion.

$130,000 2nd DOT Cash-Out/Bridge Loan

A repeat client who owned a single-family investment property valued at over $700,000 initiated plans to develop a six-unit multifamily building on the site in San Marcos, CA. In order to finance the early development costs, the client needed a bridge loan. The property was already encumbered by a low-cost first trust deed loan of less than $230,000. To avoid paying off this low-cost mortgage, the borrower requested a second trust deed loan of $130,000 specifically for the development costs. Once the building permits are approved, the client plans to secure a construction loan, which will then be used to repay the second trust deed loan.

$2,365,000 1st DOT Refinance/Const. Loan

A repeat client requested a modification and additional advance on a $670,250 acquisition loan Fidelis Private Fund previously provided for a single-family residence in San Diego, CA. Now that the client has received building permits to construct six additional dwelling units (ADUs) and convert the existing residence into two units, for a total of eight multi-family units. Fidelis agreed to modify the existing note and provide additional funds for construction for a new increased total loan commitment of $2,365,000.

$1,350,000 1st DOT Refinance/Bridge Loan

A referral from a Fidelis limited partner required additional funds to complete the construction of a single-family residence in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The project was about 85% complete when Fidelis stepped in to provide the necessary funds to finish construction.

$1,700,000 Refi./Perm. Loan – Brokered

A client of Fidelis needed to refinance a 15-unit multi-family property in San Diego to pull cash-out and secure a long-term fixed interest rate. As the broker, Fidelis facilitated the loan arrangement through a commercial bank, obtaining favorable terms for the client.

$795,000 Purchase/Perm. Loan – Brokered

A client required a conventional loan to buy a single-tenant, owner-occupied office/warehouse condominium in Chula Vista, CA. Fidelis Private Brokerage co-brokered the loan with Secure Funding Group to secure the loan, and successfully arranged financing with a local bank, obtaining favorable terms for the client.

Aligned Aspirations: How Fidelis’ Management Fee Ensures Mutual Growth

The fee structure is a critical component in real estate mortgage funds that can significantly impact investor returns. At Fidelis Private Fund, we’ve adopted a fee structure that aligns our aspirations with our investors, ensuring our mutual growth is linked. AdobeStock_527169980.jpeg A Unique Approach to Management Fees Diverging from the common practice among mortgage funds […]

$850,000 1st DOT Refinance/Bridge Loan

A well-established brokerage client who has worked with Fidelis before represented a customer seeking a bridge loan. The purpose of the loan was to renovate and secure new tenants for a multi-tenant industrial office/warehouse complex in San Diego. This property includes three parcels and multiple buildings, with more than 26,000 square feet, and was owned free and clear with no debt.

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