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$880,000 1st DOT Purchase/Bridge Loan

An experienced real estate investor and current Fidelis client needed to close quickly on the purchase of an older, dilapidated residential investment property in the Sherman Heights neighborhood, near downtown San Diego, CA. This property, bought at a below-market price, was marketed as a single-family residence but was actually permitted as a triplex.

Enhancing Returns Through Targeted Diversification

As an investor, diversification is key to managing risk and maximizing returns over the long term. This is especially true when investing in a mortgage fund like Fidelis Private Fund. With an understanding of the market, the Fidelis team strategically builds a diversified portfolio. The fund invests in various property types, including commercial, multi-family, residential […]

$550,000 1st DOT Purchase/Bridge Loan

A repeat client and experienced real estate investor wanted to tap into his existing real estate equity to purchase a single family residential investment property in Chula Vista, CA as a fix and flip with almost no cash down. The borrower owned other investment properties with substantial equity and allowed the properties to be cross-collateralized in lieu of a cash down payment. The borrower will come out of pocket to make the improvements to the property.

$1,900,000 1st DOT Purchase/Const. Loan

A referred client was seeking a reliable construction lender to fund the construction of five accessory dwelling units (ADU) in three detached buildings on a property in San Diego, CA. The project also incorporates a newly remodeled single-family residence, bringing the total to six multi-family units upon completion.

$130,000 2nd DOT Cash-Out/Bridge Loan

A repeat client who owned a single-family investment property valued at over $700,000 initiated plans to develop a six-unit multifamily building on the site in San Marcos, CA. In order to finance the early development costs, the client needed a bridge loan. The property was already encumbered by a low-cost first trust deed loan of less than $230,000. To avoid paying off this low-cost mortgage, the borrower requested a second trust deed loan of $130,000 specifically for the development costs. Once the building permits are approved, the client plans to secure a construction loan, which will then be used to repay the second trust deed loan.

$2,365,000 1st DOT Refinance/Const. Loan

A repeat client requested a modification and additional advance on a $670,250 acquisition loan Fidelis Private Fund previously provided for a single-family residence in San Diego, CA. Now that the client has received building permits to construct six additional dwelling units (ADUs) and convert the existing residence into two units, for a total of eight multi-family units. Fidelis agreed to modify the existing note and provide additional funds for construction for a new increased total loan commitment of $2,365,000.

$1,350,000 1st DOT Refinance/Bridge Loan

A referral from a Fidelis limited partner required additional funds to complete the construction of a single-family residence in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The project was about 85% complete when Fidelis stepped in to provide the necessary funds to finish construction.

$1,700,000 Refi./Perm. Loan – Brokered

A client of Fidelis needed to refinance a 15-unit multi-family property in San Diego to pull cash-out and secure a long-term fixed interest rate. As the broker, Fidelis facilitated the loan arrangement through a commercial bank, obtaining favorable terms for the client.

$795,000 Purchase/Perm. Loan – Brokered

A client required a conventional loan to buy a single-tenant, owner-occupied office/warehouse condominium in Chula Vista, CA. Fidelis Private Brokerage co-brokered the loan with Secure Funding Group to secure the loan, and successfully arranged financing with a local bank, obtaining favorable terms for the client.

Aligned Aspirations: How Fidelis’ Management Fee Ensures Mutual Growth

The fee structure is a critical component in real estate mortgage funds that can significantly impact investor returns. At Fidelis Private Fund, we’ve adopted a fee structure that aligns our aspirations with our investors, ensuring our mutual growth is linked. AdobeStock_527169980.jpeg A Unique Approach to Management Fees Diverging from the common practice among mortgage funds […]