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How Does Fidelis Ensure Stability in an Uncertain Market?

When you build a team finding the right people is more important than the mission itself. If we make a mistake in adding the wrong person, it can be costly and sometimes detrimental to the organization.

$625,000 Purchase/Bridge Loan

A repeat client was in escrow to purchase a 5,242 sq.ft. industrial building (warehouse/office) in San Diego, CA for $1,250,000, a below-market price, with a short escrow, and needed a lender to provide financing in less than two weeks. The property was 100% leased.

$200,000 Purchase/Bridge Loan

An excellent repeat client and experienced real estate investor was in escrow to purchase a residential investment property at a below-market price in Reno, Nevada and needed a lender that could close fast.

$400,000 Refinance/Bridge Loan

A client referral needed a quick cash-out loan for other investment purposes secured by a free and clear single-family residential investment property in Long Beach, CA.   

$800,000 Purchase/Bridge Loan

A client referral and real estate investor needed a loan to acquire a dilapidated single-family residential investment property in San Diego with added-value potential. The borrower also wanted to utilize the equity capacity in another free and clear investment property as cash down for the investment.

$315,000 Refinance/Bridge Loan

A repeat Fidelis client, an owner-builder/contractor, built a single-family residence he owned free and clear.  The borrower wanted a short-term cash-out loan.

$2,070,000 Refinance/Const. Loan

A repeat client purchased a single-family investment property on a large lot and obtained the entitlements to remodel the SFR and add six additional units creating substantial value. The borrower needed a construction loan to refinance the acquisition loan and provide funds for the construction of 6 additional units plus the SFR for a total of seven units.

$406,000 Refinance/Bridge Loan

A repeat client, businessman, and real estate investor needed an acquisition loan to purchase a large ranch property in San Diego County, including two single-family residences and outbuildings on one parcel.  The borrower needed to close fast and needed a lender who could perform and meet the short deadline.

$1,575,000 Refi. Cash-Out/Perm. Loan

Fidelis provided a $1,265,000 construction loan to a repeat client to transform a single-family residence into a six-unit multi-family property, which added substantial value. The borrower wanted to keep the property as a long-term rental. When the project was complete and stabilized, the borrower requested our assistance to obtain a conventional permanent loan to refinance the construction loan with cash-out.

$500,000 Refinance/Bridge Loan

A repeat client who owned a mixed-use commercial property free and clear located in Spring Valley, CA, needed a loan to purchase the liquor store business that had leased the property for over 15 years. The improvements include a liquor store and a residential rental unit.