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Financing Services Overview

Financing Services

As a private, direct, real estate lender, I can provide bridge financing in the San Diego County area through The Loan Company for loans that need to close fast or that can’t be funded by conventional lenders.As a broker, I can connect you to the right financing source for any commercial real estate investment anywhere in the western United States whether construction, bridge or permanent financing.No matter the capital request, I can help structure the right form of financing that best fits your deal.When looking for a commercial real estate loan, I can help you achieve your goal. The mark of a successful mortgage broker is the ability to identify and summarize the objectives of its clients and match them with the appropriate provider of capital.Whether you are acquiring, developing or refinancing a commercial property, I have lender relationships to best fit your deal. Click here to see an OVERVIEW of our various financing services.
  • Permanent Financing
  • Construction Renovation Financing
  • Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Private Money Loans
  • Land Loans
  • Equity Participation Financing
  • Joint Venture
I take every client’s loan request seriously and will treat each client with the personal service with which we would expect to be treated. In addition to arranging the best loan available to our clients, I also make available consulting services to investors and developers in need of further assistance in accomplishing their real estate goals. You can expect the following when working with me:
Loan TypeTypical TermRateStructureStrategic Value
Permanent FinancingLong TermFixed and VariableAmortizationFor stabilized properties where there is sufficient cash flow to service the debt. Up to 30-year amortization with non-recourse financing available.
Construction – Renovation FinancingShort TermVariableInterest OnlyNew construction, acquisition renovation, and land development projects.
Bridge FinancingShort TermFloating InterestFixed AmortizedTransitional form of financing until the project is ready for permanent financing or for short term projects.
Mezzanine FinancingLong & Short TermFixed & VariableInterest Only and Amortization availableUsed to maximize leverage, pull cash out, or work around traditional loan restrictions. Usually in the form of a second trust deed or secured by ownership interest.
Private Money LoansShort TermVariableInterest Only Plus PointsOptimal for high opportunistic type projects where timing and speed in closing are critical
Land LoansShort TermFixed & VariableInterest OnlyAcquisition of raw and improved land for commercial and residential development.
Equity Participation FinancingLong & Short TermPreferred ReturnOwnership InterestAllows borrowers to leverage their capacity to acquire or develop property with help from private investors.
Joint VenturesLong & Short TermPreferred ReturnOwnership InterestAllows for strategic partnerships with others who have expertise, technical capacities, or financial resources.
No matter the capital request, John Lloyd Finance will structure the right form of financing that best fits your deal. Financing Financing Solutions Photo Subscribe to my newsletter!

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