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Financing is an extension of my current work as President of The Loan Company of San Diego. If you need help financing a transaction or investing in commercial real estate, this site has tools, tips, and articles to help you succeed. I am also here to help you assess and structure financing for your next commercial transaction.

I have arranged over a billion dollars in commercial real estate loans over the last 25 years. So I have the experience and the established the relationships needed to make your deal happen.

I am in a unique position to be a direct private lender and mortgage broker giving you the flexibility of direct access to private money at The Loan Company or assistance as a mortgage broker to find the best loan available in the market.

  • Are you looking to purchase or refinance an investment property?
  • Are you looking for construction, bridge or permanent financing?
  • Are you looking for equity and guidance on how to structure a deal?
  • Are you looking to build a development team and need reliable referral?
  • Are you looking for a commercial real estate investment opportunity?

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With my extensive experience and network of relationships no matter what you are looking for I can help solve your problem.

  • For a question call me at 619-293-7770 ext. 20 or Email me
  • For a quick response (within 24 hours) on a initial loan request. Rapid Loan Review
  • For a list of financing structures that may fit your particular loan request? Financing Services
  • For a list of property types and examples of typical properties financed. Property Types
  • For a list of resources including, online tools, blogs, podcasts, websites, and books. Resources