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$2,075,000 Refinance/SBA Perm Loan

$2,075,000 Refinance/SBA Perm Loan

Success Story

A long-time existing client wanted to refinance a private money loan with an SBA long-term loan for their board and care facility that they have owned and operated for over 15 years.

We arranged an SBA loan to refinance their existing private money loan through Fidelis’s network of lenders. The lower interest rate with the new loan reduced debt cost and drastically improved their net cash flow.

Fidelis Action

Fidelis Private Fund arranged a 1st Trust Deed refinance SBA long-term loan for $2,075,000 at less than 60% LTV.

(The bridge loan was not funded by Fidelis, but arranged by Cornerstone Commercial Mortgage acting as the broker on the transaction)

Value Added

The Fidelis Private Fund helped the borrower arrange a long-term loan to refinance more expensive private money reducing their debt service and improving their net cash flow.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, and if the loan request doesn’t fit Fidelis Private Fund as a direct lender, we find the right lender with the best loan terms for the borrower.

Another transaction where Fidelis Private Fund is helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

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