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$500,000 Purchase/ Perm Loan

$500,000 Purchase/ Perm Loan

Success Story

A repeat client of Fidelis Private Fund inquired about a purchase money loan to acquire a single-family residence as his primary residence. The borrower needed a long-term loan while also needing to close within two weeks. The self-employed borrower turned to Fidelis for the guidance that they needed.

Since Fidelis’ focus is on commercial and residential investment property loans, and this loan being owner-occupied, Fidelis quickly connected the borrower with a lender that could make the loan.

Fidelis Action

Fidelis Private Fund arranged a $500,000 long-term loan 1st Trust Deed with a local, private lender at a 68% loan-to-value ratio.

The challenge was brokering the loan and arranging the loan with another lender in such a short amount of time.

Value Added

The Fidelis Private Fund helped the borrower arrange a long-term loan to finance the purchase a single-family-residence property in the time frame needed by the borrower.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, and if the loan request doesn’t fit Fidelis Private Fund as a direct lender, we still help the client by assisting in whatever loan is needed. In this case, we tapped our other private lender database to arrange a term loan, accomplishing what the client needed.

Another transaction where Fidelis Private Fund is helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

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