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Crisis Brings Clarity

A crisis often brings clarity to our values and options that may have been ambiguous before. It expedites decisions that can result in improvements in our businesses and our personal growth.

I notice ingenuity and creativity emerging as we move through this COVID-19 crisis.

At times I procrastinate on things in the ordinary course of life, as all of us do. During this crisis I am witnessing in others and myself, a sense of urgency to make things happen where I would have otherwise waited. The crisis is exposing what I value most in life.

I see this every day, families spending more time together, taking walks, doing puzzles, or playing games. I hear from people I have not heard from for a long time. I call people that I have meant to connect with long before now.

We realize we can live without going to the gym, the restaurant, the movie, the game, etc.  A lot of us are working from home, something many people thought not possible. For me being able to spend time with my wife at home while working has been a blessing.

This experience of isolation has given us time to ponder the important things in life and do things we never thought possible.

History has proven this time and time again. Out of tragedy brings improvement in our way of life. For example, the financial crises of 2008 spawned new businesses like AirBNB, Dropbox, Square, and Uber, to name a few.

Bringing it closer to home with a family coffee business,(, my brother Joe decided if we have to close our doors temporarily during this crisis, why not provide delivery service for coffee and pastries/sandwiches. We would have never tried this venture without this economic interruption. Another stream of income initiated only through the clarity brought on by a crisis.

I challenge all of us to take the opportunity to get clarity on what is most important to you and step out and make some decisions you knew you should have made a long time ago. The results could be life-changing.

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How has the COVID-19 crisis brought clarity to you? 

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