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Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

A growth mindset is an attitude of optimism.  Its a way of thinking that creates a passion for learning and growing by believing that our creativity, character, personality, and intelligence are constantly changing and developing for the better.

However, a fixed mindset is an inherent belief that the areas listed above are static with little opportunity for change. A fixed mindset isnt looking for opportunities for change and growth.

A subtle shift in the way we think can be life-changing. We can spend time proving to others how great we are, or we can seek to learn how we can get better. We can look for friends who will support our position or seek people who will speak the truth so we can see ourselves how others view us.  A growth mindset reaches out to others with more empathy and love.

When we are in a fixed mindset, we feel entitled, defensive and unable to receive criticism. We are in a constant state of comparison and judgment to prove why we are right.

Whereas, in a growth mindset, we are curious. We look to get out of our comfort zone without fear of judgment. We can receive feedback and take failure as an opportunity to learn about ourselves.  We intentionally help others grow into their potential.

As a team, we all participated in “The Get Better Experience” several weeks ago emphasizing a growth mindset. When we focus on growing personally, the by-product is professional growth at work and personal growth in relationships in all other areas of our lives. We have a more optimistic attitude and improved performance, both of which  foster teamwork and enhance efficiency.

It’s not all or nothing. We are human; we’re not perfect. Our minds meander between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset depending on the challenges and situations we encounter in life. The key is to be self-aware of these two opposed outlooks so we can choose a growth mindset more often.

Where do you see yourself? Do you have a fixed mindset more often than a growth mindset? Where do you see an opportunity for change in yourself?

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