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How can you Quickly Determine Your Capacity for Success?

A simple summation of a “recipe for success” is the combination of a unique skill that is needed, where there is a passion to excel, and the timing is right.

However, there is a missing ingredient in this recipe.

It is our stress level capacity and ability to adapt that will be the ceiling of our ultimate success.

Our stress limit will determine the ceiling to our success and fulfillment, regardless of our attributes and circumstances.

Richard Branson, a successful businessman, the owner of Virgin Airlines, and is also the owner of numerous other complex businesses. Given the nature of the many companies he owns, he may have over 100 lawsuits going at any one time. That would stress me out, and that level of stress is well past my breaking point, which is why I don’t believe I could ever achieve his success level.

Our stress breaking point needs to be above the demands required to achieve our desired level of success and happiness.

It does not matter how talented we are, how needed our skill, our charisma, nor our ability to lead. If we cannot tolerate the stress that comes with the specific level of success we desire, we won’t be satisfied even if we did achieve the goal.

We all are uniquely gifted in some way, and to find that area where we will thrive, find meaning and be successful isn’t easy.

Stress can be a huge factor in our ability to succeed. The more we know about our capacity for stress and our ability to adapt to the specific stress that comes with what we desire to achieve, the better decisions we can make in choosing our goals.

The next time we hit our stress breaking point in what we are striving to attain, we may be hitting the maximum level of our success and satisfaction in that specific area of our life.

Live life to its fullest and enjoy the process.


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