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Why is it Refreshing to Know our Options are Limited?

With access to the internet and the overwhelming amount of information that we have instant access to gives us the illusion that more options are good. It’s like drinking water from a firehose.

We are told our options are limitless. We can do anything if we merely put our mind to it. This is not necessarily true. The more we believe this, the more stressed-out and unhappy our lives become.

I believe we can always do more than we think we can and should strive for excellence to accomplish our goals, but understanding our limitations is a good thing and should be viewed as positive.

A limitless universe of options is not a gift, not even an opportunity to dream. It is overwhelming and can be paralyzing.

In reality, our options are limited to our ability and constraints of health, family, and the environment we live in. This is refreshing and should be viewed with relief.

We are all born with God-given gifts and limited options, which is immensely kind when you think about it.

When we factor in decisions based on reality, opportunity, finances, and the constraints of relationships, we find the road to life refreshingly narrow, which is a path we can actually follow with less stress.

When we are in a state of continually wishing we had more talent, resources, and relationships, we must stop to consider that having constraints and fewer options is actually a blessing and make for a less stressful life.

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