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You Can’t out Exercise a bad Diet

The motto “Eat less and exercise more, and you will lose weight and be healthy!”  is not that simple.

I used to think I could exercise more to compensate for eating junk food. But, you can’t outwork a bad diet. When I was young, I thought I was invincible in so many ways and my diet was no exception. My mentality was “Work-out hard and eat what you want.” As an adult, I have learned my thinking was just plain wrong.

There is no dispute that exercise can help prevent, manage, and reduce symptoms from various diseases. It can also help build a better physique and boost metabolism by burning more calories.

However, the importance of a good diet trumps the amount of exercise you do when it comes to maintaining optimal health. It’s not a calorie in, calorie out issue. Calories are fuel, but they are not all created equal. A calorie from broccoli is very different than a calorie from a cookie.

The source of calories as well as the number of calories is  important. Check out how to estimate your calorie requirement at The Calorie Calculator – How Many Calories Do You Need?

When we digest simple carbohydrates and sugar, they generate glucose as a quick energy source, our body’s go-to fuel source, along with fatty acids. But, the best way to rid yourself of belly fat is to reduce the glucose in your system, so your body will use ketones to burn fat as an energy source instead.

If you are looking for how to eat a healthy diet and stay lean, I recommend a ketogenic diet. Check out this simple suggestion list of what to eat and what not to eat.

Prioritize a good diet over exercise for sustaining a healthier and happier life.


What is your view on diet vs exercise? Do you emphasize one or the other?

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