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Everything is Better With More of God

Everything is better with more of God. I can’t help but notice creation and the complexity and the variety of creatures all around us. I don’t believe it was by chance people and all the creatures on land and in the sea randomly appeared. There is something responsible for such splendor, and God can only explain such magnitude.

We can experience the creator of the universe by stopping and acknowledging the source of life by making room for more of God in our daily lives.

More of God may begin with one grandiose event where your life is suddenly transformed with a new enlightenment, but for lasting results it’s in the daily practice of seeking God.

It’s taking short moments alone in solitude praying and thanking God with a single desire of wanting more of God in your life. Its noticing and practicing gratitude in the little, mundane things in everyday life. Finding more of God is in the dailies.

By carving out of your day a few moments of solitude will usher in more of God. I like to find more of God when I am trail running in the mountains. This is when I can see all of God’s beautiful creation, and pray without interruption.

More of God is not praying for stuff. I pray for union with God first, and ask for help create the space needed for more of God, e.g., “I pray God thank you for giving me life, for my wife, my children, my job, the city and country I live in,, etc.”

There is more to life than just living and surviving alone. If you want more meaning in life, start by creating daily moments seeking God and your life will never be the same.

Everything is better with more God. Do you want more in life? Try the simple practice of taking short moments every day with a heart of openness seeking more of God.

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