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Clarity of Purpose is the Key to Unlocking the Momentum for Success

Clarity of Purpose is the Key to Unlocking the Momentum for Success

When it is not clear to you on why and what you are to do as well as when it needs to be done, it is very difficult to get motivated and excited to move forward and accomplish the task correctly.

The need for clarity of purpose is of utmost importance to get optimal results in the projects we are working on; whether it is a project you are asked to do or a task you asking someone else to accomplish on the team, clarity is crucial. Here are three ways to provide better clarity:

1. Must know the Why

It is crucial that people know why they are being asked to do something to better understand the big picture. This gives purpose to the task and provides reasons for enthusiasm and stimulates momentum as well as showing respect to the people who are asked to complete the project.

2. Instructions must be clear

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing exactly what to do when it comes to completing a project. It is extremely important that details are given to know the expectations and how one is to accomplish the project. However, the people asked to complete a project are equally responsible for asking questions when in doubt of what to do, which helps in the process of getting clear instructions.

3. Know the time frame to complete

To know when a project needs to be completed and the time frame you must complete it by is extremely important. If it is not clear on when something is due, it makes it hard to prioritize it for completion and obtain the desired results.

For example, we are working on proprietary software enhancements to our loan servicing and loan processing systems to automate and streamline the process and ultimately make it easier and more efficient for all of us.
This improvement to our processes will result from a combination of numerous projects to be completed over several years by the collaboration of people working together, not an easy task, but this will eventually make significant efficiencies in our systems. This is a great example of how clarity in purpose, details, and timing is needed to make it a success.

Finally, by providing clarity of purpose, details, and timing in what we are asked to do and expect others to do is the key to creating a healthy culture not only in the workplace but also in all of our relationships at home resulting in an improved quality of life overall.

Where do you need clarity to spur that momentum to accomplish what you desire to do?

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