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Prioritize and Execute

Sounds simple but is powerful if you can do it.

If you can make “Prioritize and Execute” a habit, it will free you to accomplish the important things you want to complete.

We all have no problem filling our day with work because it starts the minute we sit down at our desk. We react to the endless requests and demands from emails, phones, supervisors, family and our own needs. However, without a plan, we often end the day exhausted, stressed, and worse off from the day before.

Let’s get into the habit of taking action to plan, not just react to whatever comes our way. The more we take action by planning, the less stressed we will feel and the more freedom we will have to make the best of our time.

Steps to Take Action

Make “Prioritize and Execute” a habit by taking a few minutes every day, preferably the evening before, list the three most important things you must get done the following day.

Distinguish those three things (priorities) from your overall “To-Do-List.” Highlight these priorities to focus on, and don’t let your day go by without executing your priorities, and give yourself grace on the rest of your “To-Do-List.”

When you both prioritize and execute, you not only complete what is important to you but feel relieved and accomplished at the same time.

How do you feel when you zero in on only a few items to accomplish each day? Compared to looking at your laundry list of items that you have to do.

Clarity of Purpose is the Key to Unlocking the Momentum for Success