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How can we Develop 5-Star Connections?

A 5-star rating for a hotel or restaurant means the ultimate in satisfaction.  A 5-star connection in a relationship means fulfillment and joy.  How can we achieve 5-star connections.?

The 5-star rating system in a relationship can mean the difference between extraordinary and meaningless. We are created for relationship. We don’t stumble on to a 5-star connection; we have to make it happen. There are skills we need to learn and implement to make those meaningful 5-star connections.

I have learned that connections with those people I value most are what matters and are where I need to continue to actively focus my attention.

We can’t have 5-star connections with everyone nor should we. Choose the most important people in your life and make 5-star connections. For example, a one-star connection may be the person whom you know by name and see every week at the grocery store and a 5-star connection may be your spouse, a person in your family or close friend.

Here are five tools to implement in creating a 5-star connection:

  1. Consistent time – We need to prioritize consistent time with people. It’s an investment.
  2. Quality of Time – The kind of time is important. Intentional time spent with focus, purpose, and Quality time determines the degree of connection.
  3. Trust – Interdependence is where we trust in one another. It’s about depending on one another without the expectation of anything in return.
  4. Authenticity – Sharing your expectations, hopes, desires, hurts, and weaknesses without fear.
  5. Faith – A mutual, spiritual connection brings unity and purpose.

There is nothing new about these five tools, but what is difficult is to effectively implement all of them.

To purposefully make an effort to connect with people is not easy. I continue to struggle with it, however, I am aware of the work I need to put in order to reap the benefits. It’s one of the most rewarding, and satisfying things I have done that has brought incredible meaning to my life. It is a lifetime of learning and practicing, succeeding and losing but, well worth my time.

A 5-star connection is a journey. It’s not a destination. It’s becoming aware of the value of connecting with people, and how to get there.

The essence of life is a connection. Connection with God and people is what gives meaning to life.

Do we have 5-star connections with those that matter most to us? Let’s take time and rate our connections and see where we can improve. 

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