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How Can We Reduce Stress?

​​There is a lot of stress in our everyday life. The demands of a job and family can often be overwhelming. The economic uncertainty and the political division we live in today adds to the stress.

This may sound relatively simple, but a factor in reducing stress is to embrace humility.

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Often the simplest things in life can be the best. Warren Buffet said, “Simplicity is the way to long-term success.”

Humility comes in various forms. When we incorporate humility in how we interact with people and approach life, it can be life-changing.

Here are a few ways humility can be applied in our daily lives:

  • Let go of the need to be right. It is a huge stress relief to know we don’t have to be right all the time.
  • Have empathy. Look at people and situations, not how they differ from us, but what we can learn from them. Focus on our similarities and less on our differences.
  • Be self-aware of our actions. Know when to shift position or pivot to make a move without overvaluing what people think. Worrying about what others think is stressful.
  • Be curious and live every day with a sense of wonder. Ask ourselves, What can we learn today? What does God have for us today? How can we help someone else today?

Humility is a mindset, which has helped me reduce stress.

There is no silver bullet to eliminate stress, but there are ways of reducing stress without our environment needing to change. It begins with a shift in how we think, and embracing humility is a way to help.

Have you thought of humility as a way to reduce stress in your life?


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