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What Differentiates Fidelis From Other Private Lenders?

What Differentiates Fidelis From Other Private Lenders?

​​We believe relationships are more important than transactions. Most of our loans are to repeat clients and borrowers we have known for years.

What makes Fidelis different from other private lenders is how well we treat our clients and carry on our everyday business activities with a sense of urgency and empathy. We believe that by living with integrity, our reputation will take care of itself.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden

Three things differentiate Fidelis from our competition:


I have been in the commercial real estate financing business as a lender and mortgage broker for over 30 years. I have arranged over a billion dollars in loans and worked with hundreds of different borrowers in getting their loans approved. We have a team of professionals that are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals.


Fidelis is focused as a direct portfolio bridge lender specializing in short-term commercial and residential investment real estate loans. Bridge loans 1-2 years ranging from $100,000 to $1,500,000.


With our experience and desire to help people, we focus as a direct lender specializing in bridge loans; however, with all other loan requests that do not fit Fidelis, we help the client arrange the loan through our extensive network of other lenders.

We serve two categories of clients, borrowers/brokers, and investors in Fidelis.


  • Fidelis Private Fund offers borrowers/brokers a flexible alternative to conventional lending institutions. We specialize in fast and creative short-term bridge financing with a clear exit strategy to transition properties and add value, so at loan maturity, the borrower is in a position to either sell or refinance.
  • Fidelis is a one-stop-shop for commercial real estate financing needs, which is unique to most mortgage funds. If the loan does not fit Fidelis, we will help the borrower find the best lender for the loan.
  • So whether we facilitate the loan as a direct lender or as a mortgage broker, we help the client achieve their real estate financing need.

Fidelis Investors:

  • Fidelis offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified pool of real estate secured loans generating a competitive rate of return with moderate risk and reasonable liquidity.
  • Fidelis Private Fund’s objective is to provide an investment opportunity that generates income and preserves capital.
  • We have the expertise and experience to capitalize on the inefficiencies in the market using strong underwriting fundamentals and a disciplined approach to capital preservation to maximize the return to our investors.

We exist to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Forging strong client relationships built on trust is the cornerstone of our long-term strategy for success.

So if you are a borrower needing a real estate loan or an investor looking to invest in real estate in a passive way, Fidelis is the place to accomplish your goals.

See our website for my contact information, and I will provide you need with what you need to take your next step.

We provide real estate financing solutions for timely execution.

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